F irst, we must give honor and thanks to our one God, along with our African ancestors. We truly would not, nor could we exist on this beautiful planet without the strength they bestowed upon us. We are Africans residing in these United States. We are soldiers. We are warriors. Most of all, we are modem-day representatives of Kings. When the motorcycle was created, the African King was fascinated by the power of, and the distinctive noise emanating from this object. After viewing this machine at length, the King was drawn closer and closer to, and finally mounted, the thing. This done. the King suddenly had a serious vision and got a revelation from the vibration that he was feeling from the engine. It turns out that his revelation was to gather all of his Brothers with their motorcycles and traverse the Earth to bring the revelation of this unique feeling to everyone he encountered. The tang felt free and complete. His spirit was uplifted with unbridled joy each and every time he felt the vibration of the engine, the smell of the gas, the sound of the pipes laying down a tune, not unlike a trumpet, and the fresh feeling of the wind caressing his face. The King wanted to share this new and exciting experience with all of his Brothers because he knew that this would make them impervious to any darkness that would cast a shadow down upon them. As he rode closer and closer to Re (the sun). the long was embraced by the rays, giving him warmth that no man, woman, or child ever could. Today. the King's living brothers are known by the name "Nubian Kruzers." Through our shared passion of life, and lust for good times and people. we are United!




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Riding With The Brothers

E very motorcycle club has members. Members make up the composition of the club and give the club numbers. Members are probies in the prospect phase or fully patched individuals who pay their dues and do the minimum needed to stay valid. Members are the names that are called during roll call at church. Members are the guys who show up when Prez says an event is mandatory. Al...l clubs have members, but not all clubs have brothers.

Brothers are members, but they’re also something much more. Brothers are the highest calling of commitment to someone in this MC life. Brotherhood is forged on the highways in those long runs where you test your mental and physical strength. You can’t buy it and you can’t borrow it. It’s permanent and affixed to the heart. It’s a legacy that last forever, from this life and into the next. It’s on these long runs where members truly become brothers. It’s in the midst of the rain jumping to its untimely death and the dark clouds hovering above where brotherhood is formed. A train of rolling thunder pounding from state to state grows and cultivates the seed of brotherhood, thereby forming a bond of commitment as strong as the iron they ride. Brotherhood is braving the elements of a life on the road and looking around you and knowing that you aren’t braving it alone. Its knowing that what ever ache you feel, what ever level of being uncomfortable you’re enduring, your brothers are enduring it with you. The sting of the cold reminds you that next to you sits another man who’s willing to suffer just what you suffer and to ride to the ends of the earth so that whatever you face, you don’t face it alone.

Brotherhood starts at the prospecting level. Running that probie hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of miles is the cement being poured on the base of brotherhood. Too often clubs omit all or part of this aspect of the prospecting phase. This tragedy short changes the probies development into a brother and does nothing to build a solid foundation of brotherhood. But rather, it helps to create a new member. Consequently, the probie misses out on the pillars of an MC: Brotherhood, Bikes, and Riding.

Riding is essential. Without time well spent on the highways, a club will never experience that bond that moves an organization from a group of mere members to a true brotherhood. A collection of committed brethren whose bond is solid as the pavement they pound. It’s a covenant amongst men of honor and loyalty. It’s an obligation to the men around whose life you live to guard and they live to guard yours.

If you don’t ride, don’t call yourself a brother.

Rest in peace Brother Bone!



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